Termite Control Services

Termite Control Solutions for Residential and Commercial

termite pest control georgia On Guard Pest Solutions is fully licensed and insured to protect your home from termite damage. Termites cause billions of dollars of damage each year. Termite damage usually goes undetected for long periods of time. Once the damage is noticed, homeowner’s insurance may not cover the termite damage.

On Guard Pest Solutions understands the risk of termite damage and we take every necessary step to make sure you are protected. Whether you have a house made of brick or wood, termites can still gain access and cause damage. We thoroughly inspect your home from top to bottom. Our highly trained and licensed professionals search for entry points and any signs of termites. Once our FREE inspection is complete, we thoroughly go over the inspection with you and offer options based on your home’s needs.

At On Guard Pest Solutions, we use effective treatments that prevent and eliminate termite infestations and termite damage. Termite control and prevention is key to protecting your property. On Guard Pest Solutions offers re-treat warranties to give you peace of mind. On Guard Pest Solutions uses the most innovative termite control products on the market at an affordable price.

Types of Termite Protection

termite base station

Bait Stations

On Guard Pest Solutions bait stations control termites before they become a problem. Our products will effectively control and eliminate termites and prevent future damage. Bait stations are popular and very effective in giving you the peace of mind of knowing you are protected. A licensed On Guard Pest Solutions technician will come out every three months to thoroughly inspect the stations for signs of termites and recharge the stations to keep you fully protected.

termite fumigation Liquid Treatments

At On Guard Pest Solutions, we use the most innovative termite control products on the market at an affordable price. Our products are non-repellents and undetectable by termites. Termites will come in contact with the termiticide and share with the colony.

The Termidor System (Liquid Treatment)

termidor termiticide insecticide Termidor is a liquid treatment that is fast acting and the most effective liquid treatment on the market today. Termites are not able to see, taste or smell this product, thus eliminating the entire termite population once the termites come in contact with and shared with the termite population.

What can you expect from On Guard Pest Solutions?

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • All On Guard Pest Solutions technicians are certified by the State of Georgia to help protect your home from termite damage
  • Middle Georgia’s trusted termite control provider
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Comprehensive hassle-free inspection of your home
  • Treatment plans based on your home’s construction
  • Peace of mind knowing you are protected and can enjoy doing the things you like for your business or home

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